Conference materials

Stand out from the crowd and present your documents or promotional products at conferences, training sessions or other events so that everyone remembers you. We are a reliable partner of event agencies and all companies that organize events. We produce everything from customized binders and flyers to pop up banners, x banners and POP/POS systems.

Conference materials

Why conference materials from us?

From design to production
We provide 100% of all services – from graphic design through production to venue delivery.
Single point of contact
Your requirements, the preparation of graphic documents, ongoing changes and fine-tuning of details are always handled by single person.
30+ years on the market
We are a stable company with over 30 years of experience - in that time we have gained over 2,000 satisfied customers, 95% of whom would recommend us to their business partners.
100% quality guarantee
We guarantee an immediate remedy if the quality does not meet your expectations.

Examples of completed projects

Presentation system at the trade fair
Event by Copy General
Laminated folders with flaps for Prague Bio
Conference programmes
Presentation folders for Axis
Conference materials
Business notebooks and coasters for myTimi
Branded paper bags for DGline
Business cards and tags from a conference
Presentation materials for the IPAC conference

We design and produce all types of printed materials

  • Flyers,
  • stickers,
  • business cards and name badges,
  • lanyards,
  • diaries and calendars,
  • presentation boards,
  • notepads,
  • roll-up/pop-up banners and stands,
  • POS/POP systems,
  • promotional items,
  • photo calendars,
  • posters and signs
  • and more.

We do not only produce the promotional items, but also deliver them to you and carry out a professional installation at the venue. We will also take care of entire graphic design. We are familiar with all printing materials and techniques and know how to combine them optimally.

We design and produce all types of printed materials
Materials for conferences and events

Materials for conferences and events

Offer something at a conference or other event that will make you instantly memorable to others. We will find a bespoke product that will light up your event!

We can print brochures, programs, leaflets, flyers, stationery and everything else in a few clicks from your office. We will prepare printed training materials for you into neat sets in any quantity - the number doesn't matter.

All communication from our side will be handled by single person. Specifying your requirements, making ongoing changes, and fine-tuning last-minute details - you will not need to repeat anything and you can be assured of a quick response.

How we can assist you with your event

We know how to invite guests to your event and which products should not be missing.

  • We will plan the invitation process together in detail.
  • If you don't have your own print data, we will prepare a complete design for you, including the personalization of printed materials, so you can approach each guest individually - which they will appreciate.
  • We will provide you with print samples for approval.
  • We will start production of all printed materials including posters, banners, stands, POS/POP systems - everything you will need for your event.
  • Before the event itself, we will professionally install all produced printed materials on site.
  • After the event, we will arrange the distribution of gifts, photo books from the event or links for feedback so you can stay in touch with your clients.

For a specific example, read our use case about how we helped DGline organize their conference.

How we can assist you with your event
What we can do for you

What we can do for you

  • Luxurious execution - for top-notch training or event, the highest quality is essential. Clients will not forget you!
  • Effortless assembly - we will handle the installation and distribution for you. Quickly and without errors.
  • Unusual surface and graphics - we select special papers that impress at first touch and satisfy the eye with perfect design graphics.
  • Bulk printing and correspondence - we will create, print, assemble into envelopes and then deliver invoices, statements, advertising flyers, personal letters and other printed documents for your clients.
  • Scanning and digitization - we scan and digitize everything from construction, design, and implementation documents to sensitive documents and artwork.

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